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Thread: Wild camping river wye in May ?

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    Default Wild camping river wye in May ?

    Hi everyone,
    has anybody tried to make contact with the landowners re wild camping on the wye , for a 3 day trip from Holme Lacy to Symonds Yat ??
    or is it ok to wild camp on the river ?
    we r thinking of just tarps or bashers and a fire .


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    Hello and Welcome!

    Trouble with the Wye is that its one of the few rivers where I probably wouldn't do a sneaky wild camp anymore (I have in the past, though there are surprisingly few good spots where you won't be seen easily), due to the fact that its frowned upon there so as not to encourage other folk who don't respect the ethics of wild camping. Definitely no fire building, unless you use a true (no trace) ethic or a firebox. Sadly the river is just too popular and prone to groups who might not know better, (though you'll see very few people mid-week) and its important that paddlers leave a good impression with local folk there to reduce any tensions. I'm not saying you couldn't do it, but I'd be very, very discrete about it.

    No idea who to contact to get permission I'm afraid, but judging by the number of "no landing", let alone camping, signs you might be lucky to receive a positive response.

    The campsites at Hoarwithy and at the hostel at Welsh Bicknor are reasonably spaced and nice spots. The former allows fires, have used a small firebox at the latter.
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    A couple of us have done the Wye in May and early June, (ie before the start of the course fishing season) a few times and have camped at the official sites and wildcamped on the stretches where campsites aren't available. We have been extremely discreet in our choices of spot and done nothing to attract attention, and of course left no trace of our being there. landowners, bailiffs, farmers however will sometimes appear as if from no where just as one is settling in for a quiet night. In my experience the correct approach and pleasant chat and a promise to be gone at first light is enough to get you a peaceful nights stay. As a general rule though it is always best to use the 'proper' sites.
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