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    I am hoping to buy a second-hand Shearwater. The boat will have to go through a passageway to the side of my house - it's 3' wide, but has a bend in it. My open boat (Penobscot) goes through comfortably on its side. But I think the Shearwater will have more depth in the hull - which means more width when it's turned on on one side. I am worried that if the Shearwater is too deep, it won't get around the bend.

    I wonder if a Shearwater owner could take a little time to let me know the maximum depth of the hull? I'm thinking the way to do it would be to put a straight edge across the decks half-way along the boat, and measure vertically down to the deepest part of the cockpit. I suppose an inch or two should be added for deck fittings and the hull thickness. I could then compare this measurement with the depth of my open boat and work out how easily the Shearwater will go (if at all).

    Yes, I have contacted SD but I guess they are busy building boats.

    Thanks in anticipation.

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    The Shearwater is around 15 inches mid depth, with the early models with a flat deck around 14 inches deep. Your e mail didn’t get through as sometimes happen. We have made a trolley for someone to carry his Shearwater on its side as you describe and it worked well for him.

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    Well, there was I wondering how many days to wait for a reply....many thanks.

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    I have a shearwater which I have to get down the side of my house, the chock point is the gate which is less then 24" wide. As Daves says they made me a side trolley that allows me to transport the boat from my car through the side gate and into its shelter on its side. it brilliant. I leave it on the side trolley in storage in a open side shelter picture of it here going down the side of the house:http://canoesailingadventures.blogsp...l-of-year.html

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    Thanks, that's reassuring.

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