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    Default Newbie member from Dorset

    Hi Everyone,
    I've paddled for about 3 years now, just paddled and wild camped down the river Wye, keen to find more places to camp, paddle and explore. Any suggestions welcome.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    The Wye is lovely, but there are plenty of other rivers in the UK. Have a nose through the blogs section for things like the Severn, Thames (upstream of Oxford especially), Great Ouse, Nene, Lake District, Tweed, Spey and if you add lochs into it, basically lots of the Scottish Highlands.

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    Hello Jackson and welcome to a near neighbour.

    These aren't necessarily for camping, just paddling and exploring. You are presumably familiar with the various places around the Solent: Keyhaven and the saltmarsh around there, Beaulieu River (a real gem), the saltmarsh up the west side of Southampton water (Ashlett Creek especially, a very nice spot for a couple of hours either side of high water), the Hamble up to Curbridge plus lots of scope in the three natural harbours of Portsmouth, Langstone and Chichester. Further afield my knowledge is limited and from too long ago.

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    Just a little to the right of the Shire


    Hi Jackson and a warm welcome to SoTP

    Paddles a Prospector

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    Welcome Jackson, from a fellow Dorset paddler!

    You have a few fantastic options right here in Dorset for exploration and potential wild camping too.

    Poole Harbour is a vast play area, providing you are careful with tides and winds and provides lots of camping opportunties, plus you can venture up the tributaries of: the Frome, Piddle and Sherford.

    The Stour is also a great paddle, from Blandford all the way down to Wimborne, plus the Stour and Avon at Christchurch provides a nice day of exploration.


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    Hi Jackson, how was the river wye wild camp and paddle? I am planning on doing it with a friend itching to go but waiting for the weather to improve, how was it and how much 'ground' did you cover in the 3 days? Any tips for that specific trip? We are active individuals, but novice as far as wild camping/kayaking goes.

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    You can lose yourself for days in Poole Harbour, no restrictions below Wareham Bridge.
    Try a paddle from Iford Bridge down the the Black House at Mudeford, again, no restrictions on this stretch.
    Or go on the loop around the Priory, up the Stour, back down the Avon. Restrictions start at the bypass bridge.
    Just be fully aware of the tides as they can run fast and you may find yourself aground!
    If you need any help, give me a shout, I learnt my water skills in these areas.
    Looking for the end of the rainbow

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