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Thread: Old Town Pack for sale

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    Default Old Town Pack for sale

    I am selling my Old Town Pack. See

    I'm not using it as I am just too busy doing other stuff and also I have a Monarch Airlines shaped hole in my current account that I need to fill.

    The boat cost me 700 two years ago. I have only had it out on a few short trips on the canal since then. Usual scratches on the bottom of the hull and a little bit of colour (green) loss on the keel at either end.

    Incredibly light. Currently single seat but people have fitted a second seat for a small person in these boats in the past. I'll be sad to see it go.

    Photos available on request. Based at BD18 4NN. A veritable snip at 600.


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    Hi Bob Mark, I am interested in your Pack canoe, will send you a PM

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    PM sent

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    Did it sell ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texastom View Post
    Did it sell ?
    It did. Hope you find another if that's what you're looking for

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