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Thread: Welsh Government Consultation on Proposed New Access Legislation

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    Default Welsh Government Consultation on Proposed New Access Legislation

    I know there are many forum members who don't visit the Access Section because they are irritated by constant discussion on an issue that seems to go in circles without any substantive progress so I thought it worth a brief post here to alert you of the prospect of very meaningful change in Wales.

    The Welsh Government are currently proposing legislation which we think will, to a very large extent, give statutory effect to the Common Law rights that we believe already exist. Such a statute would provide a major step forward in our quest for recognition of widespread public rights to use our rivers for recreation. Those that oppose widening public recreational use have in the past demonstrated their ability to mobilise their supporters but their weakness is that their argument is for a continuance of their interpretation of a status quo which the Welsh Government has already identified has failed to achieve itsí objective of extending public access to the countryside including rivers.

    The Welsh Government has asked the public to respond to their proposals. This issue will not simply be determined on the basis of weight of numbers but it is important that we demonstrate a credible volume response.

    River Access For All has submitted our response to the consultation and we would urge you to do the same. You can do this by either writing your own response (feel free to use ours as a template) or by simply emailing Welsh Government endorsing our response. A template has been provided for this purpose. Either use the online response form or simply cut and paste the content into an email to

    Others such as Waters of Wales and Canoe Wales/British Canoeing have also made responses and have alternative ways to make it easy for you to add your voice to the consultation response (see here and here).

    The deadline for responding to the Welsh Government proposal is 30th September. Welsh Government will not know what you think unless you tell them.

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    Response sent.

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    My Response sent to, lets hope we get the right result.

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