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Thread: Old town 169 few quick questions please

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    Default Old town 169 few quick questions please

    Having picked up my ex canoe centre Old town 169 today its seen some action in its earlier life. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the following:

    Is it worth giving it a polish and shine o rmaking it look a bit less battered? if so what is the best material to use ? I was going to paint my daughters name on it what is the best paint to use ?

    Also where is the best place to buy seats from ? It has 2 plastic moulded ones but I need 2 more

    Its either me and 2 kids 10 and 8 with occasional m8 in. it doesnt have any foam floats in either end is that something I should conisder ?

    many thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu2985 View Post
    Is it worth giving it a polish and shine or making it look a bit less battered?
    Depends on how bad it is, and of course, how much it bothers you. I would not bother if I bought a second hand one unless the damage was severe enough to cause issues. You can't see them when you're in it, and you're bound to add to them so it saves you worrying about it.

    I'll leave the other questions for people more experienced than me to answer.

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    To be honest, most of us see the scratches and scores as a badge of honour. Each one tells a story of how it scraped down a boney river or bounces off a rock. Just go out and add your own scratches to it and enjoy your new canoe.

    Just don't forget to tell us of your adventures on here.

    Happy paddling.
    Big Al.

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    A going over with Aerospace 303 will improve the appearance a bit (it will make the whiteness of the scratches less white for a time) and also protect it from U.V. light.
    You can get a variety of seats from Endless River.

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    I'd use enamel paint to paint a name on.

    Well, actually, I wouldn't these days. I'd order a vinyl cut sticker for it off ebay. They cost very little.

    Stuart at apache canoes was punting out pretty reasonably priced seats a while back.

    Flotation, depends what you're doing.
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