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    Can anyone suggest a place to park/launch?


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    Last couple of times I've parked in the lay-by next to the water, just past brown howe car park. (Google maps)

    Alternatively there's free parking on the east coast of the lake. But involves a short carry across the road and onto the shore. If you're arriving early you shouldn't struggle with either tbh.

    Still a favourite paddle for us ;0)

    Enjoy. :0)
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    Lots of choices depending on your requirements and the depth of your pockets!

    Have a butcher's at this 'ere leaflet for some ideas.
    All the car parks on the East side of the lake are free while you'll have to pay for the privilege of using Monk Coniston, Brown Howe or Coniston Boating Centre (who also apparently charge a launching fee!)

    I prefer the relatively quieter southern end of the lake meself and would recommend Low Peel Near (only a few places though) or Parkamoor on the East side or Brown Howe on the West side if you're feeling flush

    (5.50p all day - only takes coins though.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja Pirate View Post

    Have a butcher's at this 'ere leaflet for some ideas.
    I have a stack of copies of the paper version of this leaflet if anyone would like one sending out. They are on the old Canoe England branding, and obviously now our official name is now BCU-British-Canoeing-orwhateverwearecallingthemselvesnow

    Send me your contact details to and I'll send one in the post. Subject to availability (there is a fair bit of availability...!)

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    Just back from ten days camping by Coniston Water. Our campsite had its own access to the lake so trips down to Peel Island were easy - with a lovely sail back too.

    You do have to be staying there to gain access however - Hoathwaite National Trust site on the west bank. Very canoe friendly rangers.

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