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Thread: Fit a kneeling thwart?

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    Default Fit a kneeling thwart?

    I want to add one to my Old Town Camper 16, for solo paddling.

    Do I just get the kit from Endless River and put it in place of the structural thwart?


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    Looking at post about this also. Looks like most people put it 16inched back from carry thwart. Or as close to midpoint as you feel comfortable for not getting trapped.
    But I'm new to this also, guess other factors might matter too..

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    Basically somewhere nearer to middle than strengthening one in my boat..

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    Yeah, mine's about 18" behind centre of yoke on my Bell, and re-uses the thwart bolt hole as it happens. Depends where the thwart is on your camper though, but structurally swapping thwart for kneeling version will be fine.

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    Individual choice of course, but from what I read I think people put them too far back. On a 15ft Wenonah Prospector and on the advice the dealer, I put mine at 15" centres to the (carrying) yoke, after moving the yoke forwards an inch (by one new hole, and not on the advice of the dealer) - so it's effectively 14" from the centre. Although I've moved the yoke I hardly notice any imbalance when carrying and there's still plenty of room for me, at 15 stones, to get in and out, between the thwart and yoke.
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