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    For Sale: Clipper Sea-1 an ideal wilderness sea-touring canoe/kayak hybrid. I've imported this boat directly from the factory of Clipper in Canada. When I participated the Yukon River Quest, it was the only boat I could rent in the Yukon to do this race in a solo canoe. That's the reason why I bought this boat so I could train a whole year here in Belgium. Now I paddle more C2, so that's the reason why I sell this canoe. For more specifications, see
    You can see me with the boat in action when I participated in the Great Glenn
    If you want see more pictures or information, please send me a PM.

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    The price would be handy
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    Impressive paddling, sitting and switching that far, especially in Scottish March. I might be interested in this, but I suspect I won't have enough money. How much is it?

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    I ask 2900 euro for the boat included spray-skirt + Thule roof carrier (
    Because there are no Clipper dealers in Europe, me and a friend ordered 2 boats directly from the factory in Canada, so the good thing was, that we could divide the bill for transportation and import fees. We've paid each: 3874 euro. If I was alone to pay all the bills it was: 4798 euro for 1 boat!!!!!
    I have all the e-mails and papers of the canoe to show the details of the payment.
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