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Thread: Nene access at Ditchford Lock (cafe, showers, parking...)

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    Thumbs up Nene access at Ditchford Lock (cafe, showers, parking...)

    This is news to me so I am spreading it in case anyone else can benefit who doesn't already know

    Ditchford Lock on the River Nene (which is the old site of local canoe hire company Canoe2) has parking, showers, cafe and farm shop on site.

    It costs a few quid to park and you can say hello to the newborn Alpacas on site that have just been born (as of July 2017).

    There is great portage available which was previously installed by the canoe hire company. The site is quiet residential moorings and is secure.

    Location address: Ditchford Road, Rushden, NN8 1RL
    Pull in to the lane opposite Hornigold Haulage

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    If this is your local river are you aware of any good places to wild camp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter wolf View Post
    If this is your local river are you aware of any good places to wild camp

    I'll link you to an old post where FOTRN (Friends of the River Nene)are discussed as they have a site where you can camp overnight.
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    Thank you may take a look as we're staying nearby for a few days with the canoe.

    Any advice on places to put in or take out above and below here?



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    Thanks for this, went to have a look today, you can also camp, and they do canoe storage ! Going there for a paddle tomorrow , and only 20 minutes from home!!

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    A quick note about Friends of the River Nene moorings - they are just that, moorings, as the group was originally set up to provide places for narrowboats & cruisers to stop overnight. They have been very welcoming to canoeists and we have hammock camped at both Peartree Farm & Woodford.

    The moorings are all private land owned by farmers who have allowed FotRN to use them and a condition of use is that anybody using them is a member of FotRN.

    The land-owners do come down, especially to unusual events like tents/hammocks going up, and ask to see membership documents.

    So please spend a tenner joining them if you want to use the moorings to camp.

    Alternatively there are no end of wild camping opportunities along the river.

    All the best, Dick
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