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Thread: Suffolk Stour Weekend 19-20 August

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    Default Suffolk Stour Weekend 19-20 August

    One of our members has offered a free weekend on the River Stour on the weekend of 19-20 August. This is a lovely river.

    See below for details. Booking is directly with Ian at Anglia Adventures

    Anglia Adventures Canoe Meet 19-20 August 2017

    In celebration of all things open canoe, Anglia Adventures is running a weekend event for both Open Canoe Association (OCA) members and past Duke of Edinburgh’s Award or family canoe clients.

    The main event is a group paddle on Saturday. This is on the beautifully natural river Stour on the Suffolk Essex border. No motorised craft allowed and expect much meanderings around overhanging trees on a 5-7 hour descent of the river. This is followed by a rustic camp, camp fire and evening talks on canoe skills. The Sunday is an opportunity to either paddle back, a short return canoe trip or sign up for some free canoe training with Anglia Adventures.

    The event is free! Ian Williams, Director of Anglia Adventures is an OCA member and is providing the organisation, training sessions and camp site for free. The only external costs are a drink and breakfast bun from the launch point pub (compensation for providing parking and permission to launch) and any shared taxis if you follow our advice and do a one way trip with the flow.

    You will need your own canoe! Please bring everything you need for the weekend, including food and water. You can drop gear at the final camping field before the start or give bags to Anglia Adventures to take to the field for you. As Anglia Adventures is associated with the event there is a clear requirement that all wear a buoyancy aid and are responsible, legal, competent & safe canoeists.

    Please complete the booking form below. Although the event is free, please contact us if later you need to cancel. Places are limited to 25 canoes and we need rough numbers for the pub breakfast.

    8.30-9am –option to access the final camp site to leave a car, put up a tent or drop overnight kit. Anglia Adventures has space for 6 canoes which can be moved for you to the start if you want to share transport on a one way trip.

    10.00am meet at start point at Nayland on the river Stour for breakfast bun and drink. Parking provided in their overflow field.

    10.30-11.30am River Stour descent from The Anchor Pub at Nayland near Sudbury (CO6 4JL) to Cattawade near Manningtree (CO11 1QR), the end of the river. This should take about 5-7 hours. Departures will be slightly staggered to aid congestion at portage points.

    On arrival at finish point you are welcome to camp in the field. There is a compositing loo, urinal and plenty of space. There is no mains water so bring your own. The site is within an easy walk to a pub and Chinese restaurant. Or you can book in to local hotels in Colchester or Ipswich (requires driving).

    5.30pm- drivers share taxi back to start to collect their cars.

    6.30-7.30pm - there will be a camp fire with a talk by Ian Williams, Director of Anglia Adventures on expedition cooking on open fires. Please contribute recipes!

    8pm onwards – again Ian will lead a short discussion on wilderness expedition safety. This will be based on his experiences of running Finland wilderness canoe trips, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and numerous overseas Military expeditions. Bring a beer/wine while sat round the camp fire.


    You are free to either paddle back to Nayland or a return trip to Flatford, site of the famous Hay Wain painting by John Constable (90 minutes each way);

    Or sign up for some free training by Anglia Adventures:

    10am Which canoe for you? A one hour session on types, sizes, advantages and disadvantages of the many designs out there. Anglia Adventures has a range of different royalex and budget canoes to try as part of the session.

    11.30am Canoe skills, depends on the requests from the participants, but might be transition to solo, steering and efficiency on flat water, paddling in wind.

    4pm Camp site closed. Please clear the site of tents and cars by this time. If you anticipate being late for any reason telephone Ian on 07594304400.


    If you have any questions please contact the organiser,
    Ian Williams, 07594304400 email:

    Anglia Adventures Canoe Meet 19-20 August 2017 Booking form


    Please tick if wanted

    Camping overnight?

    Sunday Training,
    “which canoe”

    Sunday Training
    “canoe skills”
    Drivers wanting to share transport to collect cars from start point at 5.30pm

    Understanding of Risk Acceptance
    I have a clear understanding that I (and others listed on this form that I may give permission for) will be exposed to risk by taking part in canoeing & wilderness survival activities. The main (but not the only) risks include danger of capsize in a cold river that may not be clean, lifting of heavy canoes as part of a team, or open fires and working with axes if taking part in expedition training.

    I am able to swim 25m clothed and wearing a buoyancy aid (50 newton lift) designed to aid swimming (not life jacket) and will ensure the buoyancy aid is worn properly by myself and any minors under my supervision. I am reasonably fit and able to take part in adventurous activity and will let the instructor know of any old or current medical conditions that may affect my participation.

    I am aware that the instructor my refuse participation to any adult or child that may behave in such a way to be a danger to themselves or others. E.g. drunk, distressed, ability to follow clear safety instructions. I agree to pay the replacement cost of issued equipment should it be lost or damaged due to horseplay or failing to look after it in a responsible manner.

    I understand that while I may expect supervising staff to be qualified and the activity risk managed; controlled exposure to risk is required when I choose to participate and I will not hold Anglia Adventures liable for any injuries or damages resultant from being near or participation.

    While Anglia Adventures Ltd have provided organisation of the event, they are unpaid and hold no liability for activities not directly supervised by them, such as wilderness camping, canoeing outside of a structured lesson, losses or damages incurred while using their facilities.

    Number of canoes on the river with this booking? ……..

    Mobile on the day ………………………………….. Email ……………………………………………….

    Next of kin name and contact telephone numbers.



    To book, photo or scan this completed form and email to

    Please put “canoe meet” in the heading of the email. Your place is not secured unless we reply with a booking number. Places are limited to the first 25 canoes.

    Or you can post to:
    Anglia Adventures, 21 Royal Hospital School, Holbrook, Ipswich, IP9 2RT
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    Sounds excellent Nick, shame its the same weekend as the Barrow-Upon-Soar "big" meet or I'd have been there.

    Just for others clarification, is this open to non-OCA members from SOTP, or do people need to be in the OCA?
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    It was sent as an invitation to OCA members but I am sure that "Open to all" can apply with people be classified as "prospective " members of the OCA to help with insurance issues which are always lurking in the background. A check with Ian at Anglia Adevtures will clarify. I wil post a reply when I get it.

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