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    Apologies, if this has already been posted, but the only threads I could find were old.

    I am looking to undertake a 2 day expedition with a group of half a dozen teenagers in late July wild camping on one of the islands which I feel they will find exciting.

    They are in good health/fitness but their technique could do with some work as they are relatively inexperienced.

    I am looking for recommendations of where to get in around mid-morning to give a decent 1st day paddle, which island to stay on and where to get out on the second day (My transport can be flexible, so preferably a stretch which where we can get out in a number of places depending on how much progress we make (looking at the map it appears the road both north and south of the loch doesnt give that many options unless we only do a shortish stretch at the east end.

    Any and all advice appreciated.

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    We got in at the boat club next to the Killin Hotel on the River Lochay. Seemed to be publicly accessible as far as we could see.

    Ours was the marsh country, down by the river, within, as the river wound, twenty miles of the sea.

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    Ground suitable for tents is in short supply on the islands. Minimize the number of tents you take.
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    Be aware that Loch Tay can get tricky in the wind, there were 2ft waves and white caps on it this weekend. Quick trip going east, not so quick going back

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    Thanks guys - I assume it is difficult to judge how far we will get etc?

    Back to plan B then - ie get in where I can see an obvious location on the north shore, potentially get to the island far too early and then try and find multiple get outs dependent on the progress on day 2 - I am hoping the south road will provide this.

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    Consider another loch or not sleeping on islands. Loch Tay has few get in's, a big fetch and the islands are at each end.

    There are lots of sites to camp, however I'm reluctant to share all of them on public forum, and those on south shore are invariably inhabited by drunk louts at weekends, as the road is so close.

    North side you can camp at old Lawers village, but you are in farmers fisle which may cause an issue if you turn up to a field of highland cattle...Below Tombreck has a site at the secret waterfall, opposite Ardeonaig hotel...

    There are better lochs if you want to sleep on an island with a group (Lomond) or more interesting (Tummel, Awe, Etive, Lomond, Sween etc), or go further north. Tay would be a bigger paddle due to the geography.

    (I'm ex chief instructor from an outdoor centre on loch Tay)

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    Matt, Thanks for your considered response. The islands being at each end and not having an obvious get in/out that fitted was the reason for my post.

    My problem with location is this is just 1 group of young people out of 10 (I am doing the trip twice so overall 2 of the patrols will do it). As such I need to sonsider the impact on the others and them doing their activities and I cant justify tieing up a minibus to the extent that anywhere as far afield as most of your suggestions would take us (we are staying in Lochearnhead).

    The exception is Lomond - but that comes with the issue that we are a bigger group than is allowed without exception approval - something I am not sure we would get and hence my looking at alternatives.

    The reason for the island was that I felt this added more excitement to the trip than just being on the side of the loch.

    But I do need to take into account access and the comments above about how challenging Loch Tay can be. The only alternatives I can see (for some reason Voil, Lubnaig & Venacher are all above my authorisation) are Loch Earn itself - something I have to date discounted because we will have sailors and powerboats out, thus negating the excitement even further or Loch Lyon, which does appear to have decent access all around without the road being right on the loch side the whole way - I just need to give up the idea of an island.

    Your (or anyone elses) thoughts are welcome

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    What about Ard? Not sure how it is for camping sites but an easy put-in and it does HAVE an island.
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    I got all excited here, as it is also a shorter journey than Lyon - but unfortunately having checked it falls into the same category as Voil or Venacher as being classified as B2 by Scouts and I only have authorisation up to B1

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