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Thread: Wanted: A 16Ft Prospector or similar ideally Royalex

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    Default Wanted: A 16Ft Prospector or similar ideally Royalex

    I'm looking for a first family canoe, I'm down on the South Coast of Hampshire and want it for mostly family trips around easyish moving water like the Hamble (including the coastal trips in benign conditions) with a few longer family camping expeds (inspired in no small part by some of your blogs) and the odd (probably) rare solo trip with perhaps slightly faster water (no more than G2) included.

    It's obviously a compromise but I think this type of boat seems to hit the sweet spot between capacity, weight, handling and ability to solo; would you agree? I'm 5'10 and a svelte 85kg if that's relevant?

    My budgets around the 800 mark subject; does anyone have anything suitable they'd like to move on to a good home?

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    Hi Tallie, dont happen to work for Mclaren do you ?

    Anyway, I would give Steve and James at Silverbirch a call, they still have some ex demo boats available for very sensible money.
    Not exactly south coast but probably worth the trip

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