Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you that I've just released my new short film "A Place to Paddle: Wabakimi Provincial Park"

Last summer I took my son and two others into a fly-in destination, into Wabakimi Provincial Park. If you're not familiar with the park, Wabakimi is Ontario, Canada's second largest provincial park (after Polar Bear Provincial Park). The park itself is located 3 hours north of Thunder Bay and access is at the town of Armstrong, Ontario. The region is within the Canadian Shield and boreal forest.

It was an interesting trip. The boreal forest landscape was unique with jack pine and rocky shores. The water was dark and deep and we were lucky to experience a couple water falls and rapids.

A Place to Paddle is going to be an ongoing theme for us and we have a trip/film planned for this summer to carry on with the theme.

Wabakimi was our first real remote destination to film in and we learned a lot about the challenges of filming a project like this (carrying in camera and audio equipment). We also learned (or relearned) the importance of having a team you can depend on.

Since I'm taking the time to write something about the film, I should also thank the industry support I had for this. Eureka!, Mountain House, Agawa Canyon and Ontario Parks. I would never endorse a product or company I didn't like. These companies have been a huge help for me working towards my goals and I would recommend their products. - Eesh, that sounds very advertisy... well, anyhow, its true.

So, what else can I say. I'm just a guy who's working hard to get where he wants to be in life and this is my latest work. Its not perfect, but I feel ever project I work on makes me a bit better - and they're a lot of fun to produce.

Anyhow, that's it. The film is A Place to Paddle: Wabakimi Provincial Park. I'd be honoured if you checked it out and shared it with your mates.