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    Hi, My partner and I are planning a 3 or 4 day trip on the Middle section of the Wye next week. (have paddled from Ross to Monmouth before).
    Due to hay fever, we're trying to find indoor accommodation (not camping) near the river. There seem to be limited launching/landing spots, making this tricky. The ones I have found out about are: Glasbury, Hay, Whitney on Wye, Byford, Hereford, Lucksall, Hoarwithy, Ross. It seems river levels are low - not sure whether this will make any of these sections tricky. We're fairly experienced paddlers (on calm- ish water). Trying to work out what's a reasonable day's paddle - imagine there won't be much flow so 20 miles will feel like 20 miles? Any thoughts, accommodation tips appreciated. Staying in one place and using public transport to get to/ from each section is another option.

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    Can't help much with the accommodation, you've probably already sussed the B&B at Whitney (The Pound).

    20 miles will indeed feel like 20 miles in low flow. There will be quite a lot of little riffles and shallow bits, but you should be able to float over them and these bits make it more fun than in high flows. Between them, though, it will be flowing slowly and if there's any real wind it will cancel out the flow. If you're fairly fit, 20 miles is perfectly doable, but I tend to think 12-15 miles is a nice distance, allowing time for stops, a relaxed start to the day, etc, etc.

    Personally, I've normally split that bit into:

    Whitney-Byecross (campsite, so not sure on indoor beds!)

    I've always camped though.

    The Red Lion at Bredwardine might work (parents have stayed there, lovely apparently), but the get out and carry up the road from the bridge there would be quite awkward.
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    Thank you

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