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Thread: My new sailing canoe set-up: Metzeler sail on a Old Town Discovery 169

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    Default My new sailing canoe set-up: Metzeler sail on a Old Town Discovery 169

    In a previous post i was wondering how to make a mastfoot/ step in my canoe. I bought a secondhand sail set online but did not see any pictures before i arrived a the sellers house.

    I was pretty surprised! All the stuff was in perfect condition. At home i saw (by the big brand on the mainsail) that is was a Metzeler sail that was used on a inflatable boat, 20-ish years ago. The boat was leaking and was throwed away and the seller had no use for the sail anymore.

    This was the type of boat:

    I had to make the set fit to my canoe. The bracket where the mast and the leeboards are attached to was to wide, i had to modify it to make it fit. I also need to extend the bottom of the bracket with some marine ply and some threaded steel and bolts so it hit the bottom of the hull. With this setup there seems te be no need to glue or bolt it to the hull. With the bracket you can operate the leeboards. By pulling the bar the leeboards move up.

    To make the bracket fit on the gunwales i made two pieces of marine ply and bolted the rubber pieces of the boat (the seller cut al the important pieces off the boat) on top of it.

    For the rudder i bought some gudgeons and bolted in on to the canoe. I use a telescopic landingnet pole (fishing) for steering.

    When for the first time installing the mast and sails if found out that it was to big and to heavy. The total sail surface was around 60 sq feet. The mast was 5,5 meter high. Because the mast and the forestay had 3 parts i decided to use only two parts. I took the sails to a sail maker to make them smaller. All together the total is now 35 sq ft. I also shorten the two stainless steel cables to keep the mast right.

    With a rope around the forestay you have the possibility to reef the jib very fast. Without the jibe the centre of effort shifts but by pulling the bar with the leeboards you can shift the Centre of lateral resistance somewhat.

    I sailed once with very low wind (less than 6 knots) to see how it handled. So far it seems to handle very nice. It takes some time to set up (15-20 minutes) and is a pretty big package with the bracket but so far i'm happy :-)
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    I like it! Well done, sir.

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