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    Hi all

    If anyone is free and can get to Exeter next Wednesday we are hosting an event starting from 6pm at AS Watersport. Full details here -

    Sorry it's a touch late on notice, we've set it up to work with some other meetings myself and Pete Thorn (our Regional Waterways Adviser) will be attending across Devon next week.

    We'd like this to be the start of regular (at least bi-monthly) events across the country, giving people a chance to find out more about the team, what we are doing, what we want to do and how we can work with paddlers, clubs and other campaigning groups across the country.

    Hopefully these events will have a very flexible style, so if your club, center, group etc has any ideas we'd love to hear about them. For example, we will hopefully be combining a workshop session on our Historic Rights of Way project with a more general team update up in Cumbria late May. The Open Canoe Association proposed us coming along to their annual get-together, but unfortunately that's when I'm up in Cumbria (canoeing the rivers & lakes the weekend after being up there talking about them! - but any other ideas are very welcome!

    Chris Page,

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    Thanks for the update.

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