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Thread: Ullswater this weekend

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    Default Ullswater this weekend

    Anybody around Ullswater this weekend? Hopefully paddling on Saturday. We're camping at Patterdale YHA and hopefully floating down the river and along the Lake, probably to Aira Force. We'll be in a Gumotex Solar, probably trying out a Wind Paddle sail if the forecast runs to plan.

    Be nice to see SOTP people if anybody's around.

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    Hope it goes well for you. Thats a paddle I've done a good few times over the last few years in the various so called "proper" canoes I've owned but most recently, last May in my Gumotex Palava.

    It was all a bit half baked to be honest. There wasn't a lot of water really and the filming was rubbish too, as I just had a flip camera stuffed into my BA and I really wasn't concentrating on much at all, but as ever, it was good for the soul

    You never know, we might pass each other on the water one day, as Ullswater is my "go to" water.

    Don't know if you've paddled this little stretch much but the exit onto the lake is very shallow most of the time and of course there are a lot of potential strainers on either side as you come down the beck.



    Now paddling Either a Gumotex Palava 400 Or a Gumotex Solar Pro 410c and LOVING IT!

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    Just back from a night at Waterside Farm en route back from north of the border. Blowing a hoolie when we left. Nice sunny day though

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