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Thread: 1890s R J Turks canoe Restoration

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    Default 1890s R J Turks canoe Restoration

    I am about to start restoring a 1890s R J Turks canoe photos can be found on our Vintage clinker boat hire page on Face book she is 16ft8 3 planks per side seam battens over ribs. the Turks dont make it ease to re-rib there boats any ideas as to how i 1 get the old ribs out without doing any more damage to her and get the new ribs in I dont want to cut slots in the seam battens as they are the only things holding the boat together at the moment

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    You could probably do worse than having a read of this thread for starters, just to see what can be done:
    "I'm not getting in a boat which is DESIGNED to go upside down."

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