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Thread: Canada on the cheap.

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    Default Canada on the cheap.

    As I approach my mid fifties, I find myself with fewer and fewer canoe tripping partners. The Scout group I was involved in has folded, my children now spend their summers doing foolish stuff like working or studying and few of my friends have as many vacation days as myself.
    So this summer I am (rather belatedly) inviting anyone who is interested to join me for a week in Algonquin , French River ,Temagami or wherever you wish.
    Here's the deal, You get yourself (1 to 5 persons) to Toronto Airport with basic personal camping gear, I will drive into town and pick you up. We will return to my house and spend the night. Then the next morning we depart for the north country.
    I pride myself on how cheaply I can go canoeing for a week, so expenses are at a minimum. You would be on the hook for equal share of food,petrol.permits and any other collective costs. Also I have one canoe so any more than one person would require renting a canoe(s).
    My wife is interested in going for a week with me ,so if you are a couple that could work out.
    I provide all the collective camp gear, transport and local knowledge,I have been doing this for years and would love to share my country with anyone who is interested. The weeks I am available are Jul 15-23. Aug 12-20 and Sep 2-10. This is purely a non commercial invitation.

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    Wow if I could only send the dogs and cats to he rescue centre.....

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    Hi. Sounds really interesting. I probably cant do this year, but definitely interested next year assuming the offer is there. Cheers Mark

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    Im with Mark, next year would be great. What a lovely offer!
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    This sounds awesome. Will check with the boss if I can do the Sep dates
    Was up at Algonquin last year in Aug. Had an awesome holiday but only short canoe stints as was with the family who are not overly keen on canoeing or camping.

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