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Thread: Split seam in fibre glass kayak

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    Hi guys,
    Right i got 2 old fibreglass kayaks. Both have a split seam. Where the top and bottom join. Hope this makes sense. Its only partial a few inches at front along one side .

    Can it be repaired. If so any tips. Is it a case of going to halfords and buyibg fibreglass repair.. dont laugh too much im new. Or is there special fibre glass i need. Then special coatings.

    Thanks in advance. Dave

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    Hi Dave , don't go to Halfords ! Ring an online supplier up that has a tech helpline such as east coast fibreglass 0191 4975134 and they will help you. And I am slightly bias because I work there

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    Pictures would be a big help.

    Glass tape and resin is the usual fix - inside is neater - outside is some times easier.

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    Are the seams split on the outside of the boat or the inside, or both?

    A similar question was asked on UKRGB; it may be worth reading

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    Ive ordered and spoken to east cost fibreglass. Thanks for the replies. Ive also managed to puckup 3 kayaks that dont require any work.... so can take my time repairing the others. Cheers

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