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    Little Egret

    I have had my Little Egret for 5 years now. It has proved to be a very versatile boat.

    A dedicated solo, it is fast, tracks well, but is very manoeuvrable when heeled. Mine is fitted with a kneeling thwart, and it eats up the miles comfortably heeled to what seems its natural angle of about 30 degrees.

    My little Egret is fitted out as a paddle or sail version,and has end buoyancy tanks, as well as side buoyancy bags, yet has enoughspace, packed carefully, for multiday trips. Over the years I have taken it on lakes, Scottish lochs, and sheltered coastal waters. It behaves well in wind, having little sheer, yet copes amazingly well, for a little boat, with waves. It has also carried me and my two granddaughters on littleadventures, until they grew too big to fit ! From now on they will be paddling the Little Egret themselves.
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