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    Just to say hello to all, just new on the SOPT and it is a great site, Well I come from Canada but now live in the Ukraine with my wife she wanted to come back home after 25 years away. I have started to build a cedar strip canoe which is the Redbird did my own lofting of plans and now started to cut out the forms, but now have a problem in trying to find the cedar for the strips in Ukraine.. If anyone has build with a different type of wood it would greatly help me in finding what I need. and by the way I do speak Ukraine and Russian, maybe their is other members from Ukraine that may help me. Oh we both spend much time on the rivers in Ukraine it is our pastime with our two cockers.

    Thanks for a great site and so much info to read.

    Best Regards to all


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    Hi Jim!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Ive no personal experience of other woods but I have researched the subject quite extensively. Although cedar is the "norm", strippers have been built of just about anything else imaginable. From cheap DIY shop pine to balsa.

    if you're going to glade sheath the boat then you can think of the wood as more of a filler layer than the material itself. You're thickening the fibreglass which makes it exponentially stronger.

    im sure others will have specific suggestions but basically anything not too heavy, with a grain and colour that please and which is not too knotty or hard to be workable.

    Bon chance!


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    Hello and Welcome!

    Can't help you with your build, but would love to see some blogs on the rivers of the Ukraine.

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    Hi and welcome. I don't know how you do it, perhaps the "members map" on here will help but there may well be one or two other Ukraine members.

    I guess the rivers over there will be lonely and peaceful paddling.

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    Hi and welcome Jim.
    I guess any timber with a straight grain and knot free will make sound hull.

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    Great way to introduce yourself - and an interesting question!

    I'm pretty sure friends of mine could build a "stripper" out of pretty much anything... but that each and every one of them would insist on using the most suitable wood they could find... even if that meant delaying the build and searching far and wide.

    Why? Because you're going to be putting a shedload of time and work into the build... and most of the value is in the work that's completed... and it makes no sense to have the resulting boat let down by the materials used!

    I suspect suitable timber could be sourced locally, but I know a German canoe builder who imports his wood from North America: might be practicable for you.

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    Hi and welcome.

    It would be great to see some blogs from the Ukraine.

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