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Thread: Quick li'l trip on Derwent

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    Default Quick li'l trip on Derwent

    Thanks Rimfire for suggesting the Derwent from Breighton Ferry! I had a very enjoyable pootle up River for 3.5 miles not getting that close to my target, the nature reserve! This taught me that if you focus too much on the destination you risk spoiling all the fun of not getting there... or something!
    It was a mild day, overcast and a bit misty but pretty warm all things considered! The put in at the Breighton Ferry pub was great although the slip way really was treacherously slippery so I used the boat pontoons to launch instead!

    It was very peaceful making my way upstream towards Bubwith.

    All Saints church appeared through the trees...

    Passing under the east/west Bubwith bridge I continued North.

    Rimfire had described this section of river as gentle and indeed it was. As I left the road behind I didn't see another soul apart from the occasional dog walker or rambler.
    The only thing punctuating the peace and quiet was distant sound of a shoot going on some way away.
    Stopped for a cuppa and a gloriously unambitious snack comprising crisps & chocolate biscuits - all locally foraged of course!!!

    The paddle back was relatively swift and enjoyable.

    I had slightly miscalculated my return as the pub wasn't quite open, so I amused myself by having a look at the boats moored up along the riverside. Some of them had seen better days...

    Some enterprising boat owner was even experimenting with a DIY submersible!

    I wonder if they get a discounted mooring fee?

    Quick pint & then dashed home leaving the peace and quiet of the river behind me to watch Silence in the cinema with Mrs S!
    All in all, an enjoyable excursion for which I'm very grateful to Rimfire for the suggestion and looking forward to exploring more of the Derwent with him in the near future!

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    Start and end at the pub that's the way to do a trip , it looks to have been a lovely still day out. It's a shame about the submarine from the photograph it seems like the cleanest boat on (or in) the river ... excepting your canoe that is.
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    Nice, and somewhere new too.

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    Very good...nice peaceful paddle.

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    Delighted to see you had a good time on the Derwent. Good picture of the bridge to nowhere, probably cut by Doctor Beeching in the sixties. Monday's weather forecast for the weekend seems to have slipped and my car is in dock, fortunately I have the use of the courtesy car. Hope I get mine back tomorrow. Dearly befuddled is up for a Derwent trip, weather permitting so I shall hope for clement weather and a repaired car for the weekend!

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    Nice quiet trip for this time of year. Great reflections in the shots too.
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