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    Managed my first trip out with the Viking paddle from Valkyrie Craft. Great service from John W who was able to help me with my choice of a cherry blade and generously allowed me to purchase his display paddle.

    This is my first paddle purchase and as a relatively new open paddler this can't be an in depth review. That said, I did use a variety of other paddles during the trip to compare it with.

    The paddle is a beautiful combination of laminated woods, very pleasing to the eye and worthy of hanging on the wall when not in use. The shaft is on the long side for me but is comfortable to hold and does not seem to flex when paddled (may be I was not trying hard enough against the current). The blade slices smoothly through the water when 'stiring the soup', gives lots of purchase when manoeuvring.

    Reactions from other members of the group were also favourable when it was passed round. I was always pleased to get it back after the swap, which is a good sign for many more pleasurable hours using it.

    Picture on the SOTP Facebook page, as I have not worked out how to post on here yet.

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    I have added one of Johns Vikings to my collection over the summer, and I must admit I have found it a wonderful paddle too.

    It sits well in the hand and the weight is very good with a great balance point.

    I have put a lot of time (and money) over the last few years into different wooden paddles as I wanted something that would be a good all round paddle for doing touring trips, that would generate lots of power and would also work very well when I was doing shallow water and deep water paddling. The truth is that any paddle that does this either doesn't really exist or it simply is a compromise on something.

    So over the summer I added both the Viking and the Huscarl from Johns collection to my kit and the truth is I am delighted with the selection of paddles that I now have at my disposal.

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