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Thread: Valkyrie Merlin, Skin on Frame

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    Default Valkyrie Merlin, Skin on Frame

    Merlin The Skin on Frame Open Canoe

    Pricing currently unavailable. It is hoped to have these available from January 2017.

    Currently being developed as both 14ft and 16ft versions. The hull shape is based on the Valkyrie Shearwater boats.

    This is a light and sturdy open canoe designed for general purpose paddling and potentially for use in white water. Its design is based on the original birch bark canoes where a timber frame supported the outer skin of birch bark. However, where the materials of the birch bark canoe produced a boat with a short life span, these canoes should last for years.

    Key features:

    Light weight fast acceleration, ease of portage and brilliant for lifting onto roof racks etc.

    Durable built with western red cedar, chosen for lightness of weight and durability in wet environments, and with a ballistic nylon skin, this is a boat that will withstand both the elements and the trials of solid use.

    Affordability the simpler build process and reduced timber within the structure makes this boat significantly cheaper than the Valkyrie Cedar and Canvas Shearwaters.


    Timber: The entire frame is constructed from a combination of timbers chosen for specific attributes. The choice of timber can be adjusted if required. The ribs and flooring slats are Western Red cedar chosen for its light weight and flexibility. Gunnels, decks, thwarts and other elements are of hardwood with a variety of options available.

    Fixings: The fixing include stainless steel screws, bronze ring nails and copper canoe tacks, all chosen for strength and longevity in wet environments.

    Skin: The skin is a high performance ballistic nylon. Its man-made nature ensures it is able to cope with the trials of frequent exposure to water and temperature changes and its strength ensures it is able to stand up to impact, wear and sharp edges.

    Stitching: The skin is stitched using high grade nylon thread which ensures both strong seams and resistance to degrading through exposure to the elements, which is further enhanced by the waterproofing system. Seams are double stitched using an initial running stitch followed by a whipping stitch.

    Waterproofing: The skin is sealed with the application of modern flexible epoxy resins. These have excellent adherence to the nylon skin, assisting in its protection, and most significantly, it remains flexible and therefore maintains its integrity.

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    I tried the 14' Merlin at OCA Canoefest this year. It was light, responsive and attention grabbing.
    I did not get to paddle it for long enough to get really comfortable with it but very much enjoyed my first taste of this kind of craft!
    It's currently priced from 1600, which given the price of some moulded canoes seems good value for money - if it floats your boat, of course!

    Also paddled with the Valkyrie Viking paddle that I liked very much!

    Viking paddle is uppermost in pic (Wye was too shallow here deep water blade).

    Merlin on the right obviously!

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