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    Hi all,

    This is the first time I have posted. I am hoping to fly into Gothenburg next summer for a long weekend, taking a Gumotex Safari with me. I would like to then head to some lakes to kayak and camp.

    Does anyone have advice for locations where I can head?

    Many thanks.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    Well, sort of depends if you're able to hire a car, or not. If so, the lovely region of Glaskogen is a few hours away, though to be honest I'd want at least 4 or 5 days to make the effort to go there. You can also get the train to Arvika, but again time may be too tight.

    Glaskogen blogs:

    There must be stuff closer, we drove past lots of water! It tended to have more farmland next to it closer to Goteborg, so not the true "wild" feeling. It looks like Alingsas might be an option, and is on the railway, with lake Mjorn close by, but I've no idea if camping would be easy.

    You can also canoe IN Goteborg!
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    to be honest, on a weekend you won't be going very far, distances are large in sweden. probably best to stay in or around the city itself.

    as mal's last link shows it's actually worth paddling around the city itself.

    you can also check out delsjon:!4d12.0258113

    there's also a canoe club there where you can rent boats:

    this is very close to the city and can be a nice option for something close by. i used to live off molndalsvagen and walked sometimes went for walks around the lakes.

    if you're comfortable on the sea you can also go out into the skargarden, an archipelago of islands and large rocks along the coast.
    with your blow-up boat you can even just take tram 11 or 13 to the terminus, then either launch or take a ferry out to one of the islands and launch from there. to be honest that's what i would do myself. it's great to spend a night out there on one of those islands. especially in summer when the sun (almost) never sets.
    i think there was also a blog about someone paddling there, need to try and find it.

    if you want to go any further, like swedish wilderness kind of thing, you need more than a weekend.

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    (frustratingly tried to post this several times, but seems I don't seem to be allowed to post links as I'm not a regular poster.... will suggest google keywords instead)


    As said above, lots of options around although, as above, the further you are from Gothenburg, the wilder the canoeing will be but for that you might need longer... for the best you would probably want at least 4+ days somewhere North in Dalsland and Värmland or some of the other suggestions. Östra sillen and the lakes around there and Bengtfors are great with navigable locks. (avoid Bengtfors’ immediate surroundings if possible... lots of noisy river traffic)

    However there are still plenty of great wild spots much closer. If you only have 2-3 days, a few good alternatives close to the city would be

    -a section of the popular Nissan river which does include a few lakes
    [google for Canoeing+Nissan+River+Gislaved]

    -Sea canoeing up Bohulan. The whole coastline from Tjörn and Orust Northwards is a spectacular archipelago of small and often very sheltered islets.

    -Based on what you’ve said though, I’d also second the suggestion of the lakes south of Alingsås.

    I did the seven lakes listed here this summer over two days/two nights) which is a very varied mix of lakes of all kinds of character
    [google for canoeing+sjolyckan+tollered+english+seven lakes]
    Be forewarned though that we had a very unclear portage through central Alingsås. Also, while Mjörn is a very impressive inasmuch as it is truly vast, it can also be prone to speedboats and jet skis coming in and out of the Alingsås marina, especially in summer. Apart from these caveats though, it was a very good two day lake circuit.

    If you don;t need the full circuit and would rather avoid more built up lakes, you could even just spend time in Ommern which has a very remote feel with some beautiful tiny islands to camp on, especially towards the eastern end. Maybe even a day trip portaging to Östra and Västra (east and west) Nedsjön to the south although I’ve not tried this.

    A train to Alingsås (or the tiny, easier Noresund one stop before) is only about 20 mins from central Gothenburg and you could feasibly be in the water within a couple of hours of landing at the airport.

    Camping in any of these areas shouldn't be a problem at all. You have the right to camp anywhere at all, so long as you are not actually in somebody's backyard. That said although some popular park areas e.g. Dalsland encourage you to only camp in designated spots and take a small fee for the facilities

    Let me know if you want to know any more. I’m not (currently) much of a songofthepaddler but if you pm my brother who’s on here as idc that might be the fastest way to get hold of me!

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    Hi Andrew,
    After your third post I think you'll be allowed to post links. Thanks for the response and ideas. (Hope to be able to come and try a few of those out with you when the weather warms up.)

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    Thanks everyone, this forum is great. This has given me lots of ideas to research... DasLand looks stunning. May end up making it a longer weekend to make the most of it.

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    I now live in Sweden and often visit the Bohuslän Coast which just north of Gothenburg stretching up to Norway. It's best around Fjällbacka heading up the Koster islands. Take a look at google satellite view of the area, just stunning, i've got some info and photos on my site and blog kayaking sweden.

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