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    Hello folks,

    So after having successfully broken my central yoke i'm looking to replace it.

    I'm tinkering with the idea of having a combination canoe yoke / seat in the centre just to give me an extra option for seating.

    Question is has anybody any personal experience with these?

    Problem i can foresee is that i'd prefer to have the carrying yoke snug against the gunnel and the seat lowered and angled slightly.

    One solution i've thought of could be to have separate yoke/seat and have them back to back so the concave side of the yoke would sit as a very low back rest. Entrapment becomes a problem if i don't make sure the gap is very small.

    Anybody any ideas / solutions they've found?



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    I replaced the yoke with a kneeling thwart fitted permanently with bolts. I fitted captive nuts to the yoke, which is then fitted only when required and held in place by large thumb screws through the gunnel. It's only takes a couple of minutes to install or remove the yoke and works well for me.

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    My Sojourn came without a yoke. I had one of Endless River's removable yoke from my OC1 days, and I use that. I think its in the catalogue. I've also used one on another OC1 which just bolted through the gunwhale with wingnuts

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