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Thread: My 1000 post - thanks SoTP

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    Smile My 1000 post - thanks SoTP

    Well, it's take me longer than many to reach my 1000 post but here it is. So this is just a quick 'thanks' to the vast majority of members on here that I've communicated with / to over the years. I've even met a few but need to do better and get out more.

    As an open forum, SoTP seems to moderate itself better than others that I think is mainly down to the members and mutual respect they show each other - after all, we even allow 'pumpies' and k*yaks to join in !! There are many, many posts that I read that I don't contribute to as a question / query has already been answered in the same manner as I would. Saying that, I have asked many questions over the last few years and generally received useful (and sometimes interesting) feedback and some of the blogg post just make me sick with jealousy. On the down side, the last question I asked about 'which boat should I buy' has resulted in a serious dent in my bank balance but with a Nova Craft PAL arriving next week

    From a personal perspective, I don't get paddling as much as I'd like mainly due to many other commitments (both personal & family) but much to my wife's delight, I'm going to retire from coaching / playing hockey after next season so that's my weekends largely free. What she doesn't realise is that I'll go paddling on a Saturday morning instead of coaching !

    So well done & thanks to John and all the mods who keep the forum going in a 'managed' manner without it feeling like a dictatorship - keep up the good work!
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    Blimey I feel like a total newbie with only 356 posts....

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    Congrats! Remember, it's not the number of posts but the quality of each that matters.

    That's what I keep telling myself anyway.

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    Congrats! Tis a good place, this.

    Oh, and do keep up...
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    Well done on reaching the 1000. I'm a little bit ahead of you and a fair bit behind Mal. After a thousand posts, you start to get the hang of it I suppose.
    Big Al.

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    The first 1000 posts are just a warm up to the quality that will follow I am sure

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    Well done and congratulations!

    Though as Bernie rightly cautions and regularly demonstrates, it's quality not quantity that counts, although of course it is in fact uncountable.

    When I was a young lad, we all used to aspire to emulate the great TGB, who reached a post count of 13,059. He's not been around for a few years and has since been overtaken by Mal Grey (18,295), myself (14,794) and Mr. Kelly (16,444). Though I take a more laid back approach these days, and John is busy walking his dog.

    Here's to the next 10,000.

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    Whooo hooo......congrats!!
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