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Thread: River Ure Below Slenningford

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    Hi folks

    Last minute change of plan due to windy conditions in the lake district, but does anybody know the access agreement below Slenningford. We would then get out on BCU land in Ripon and the next day carry on down to york.

    Any help much appreciated


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    I don't know!

    But having paddled that and other places where paddlers may not get warm welcome, I've always paddled such sections by getting up at dawn, or soon after and paddling then, stopping for a breakfast after I'm out of any problem areas.

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    I believe you can paddle it ( I have) but in theory you are not allowed to land on the banks at any point.
    we stopped on a gravel bank mid river and hoped to be challenged but it never happend.
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    Pretty sure it's in the North of England canoe trips book so would have well established credentials

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    Ran it a couple of months ago no problems. Access officer is Ken Harrop. May be a bit scrapey this time of year though.

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    Thanks folks, paddled it yesterday. Lovely little paddle down to the canal and then back up to Ripon. The rain friday night meant no bumps and scrapes.

    Thanks for all advice

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