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Thread: Possible Windermere paddle, Friday 24th June (morning)

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    Default Possible Windermere paddle, Friday 24th June (morning)

    My car is due for service in Lindale on Friday morning so might plan a trip from Newby Bridge up Windermere for a few hours whilst the work is being done. I'll get a loan car but no roofbars so would plan to drop canoe near the Swan Hotel (secured to a tree or similar) about 0930 and drop car off at garage so would be back by 1000.

    Probably out for 2-4 hours depending on weather and enthusiasm or how long the car will take (oil leak) if anyone fancies joining me - will confirm later in the week as work is a bit flexible at the minute.
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    Could have but got a busy day at work.
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    I'm in the same... err... that analogy doesn't work does it? Wish I could, I've been meaning to do Newby Bridge to Windermere for a good little while.
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