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Thread: Access lower Afon glaslyn

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    Default Access lower Afon glaslyn

    Does anyone have any information on canoeing the lower section of this river?. And access points. Thanks in advance.

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    In the 19th century boats used to come up with the high tide and unload at the bridge at Aberglaslyn so there is historic navigation here. These days the high tide mark is the railway bridge so you should get no arguments below here. I am afraid I do not have detailed knowledge of the access points but there appears to be a point where the road adjoins the river for easy access down near the cob for a start upstream.

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    Driving through NorthWales a few weeks ago, and down the Lower Glaslyn, I saw a canoe trailer being loaded next to the water, probably about a mile from Pont Aberglaslyn. The loader didn't seem muddy. I can offer no more.


    PS yes I can it was open country, not the wooded bits

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