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    Default Buckenham Marsh Access

    I was looking on the OCA Facebook page files and came across the Broads Authority access pdf showing

    Buckenham Marshes
    Drive over railway bridge at Strumpshaw follow road round to the marshes, drive across the marsh down a track, park at the end by the river.
    (Rockland Broad accessible from here.)

    So I took a drive down there today. The railway bridge is actually a manned level crossing not a bridge in case any one else takes a trip out.
    I did manage to launch, but only between the RSPB fishing pegs. (No fishermen there today) Does any one know where the official launch is? The road is now closed at the left hand bend where the road meets the river so I hope it isn't at the far end of the track. The best looking launch point is also closed off by the RSPB " to protect wildlife ".

    I do wish the RSPB and the Broads Authority would talk to each other and at least put up some direction about where canoeists should launch.

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    Hi Wil,

    Sorry, I dont have the answer to your question. I went to a talk on the local wildlife by an RSPB Warden at Strumpshaw a couple of years ago and he told me that there was no access to the marshes north of the Yare to canoeists. I would also be interested to hear if there is access to Buckenham Marshes. I'll have a look for that pdf you mentioned.

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    Hi Robin
    Thanks for the reply. The bit between the bold fonts in my original post is an extract from the PDF. The original document can be found here Other than being posted on the OCA Facebook page and having the Broads Authority logo, I am not sure where it originates from.

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