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    Hi all,

    So my SCA membership was up this month, another 35 quid effectively given to charity. I was genuinely fed up of chucking 35 quid into the pot every year and basically getting nothing back, literally nothing, I even just used to skim the magazine once then bin it. The SCA is mainly club/comp based and I get that, it's the same with ArcheryGB although they have you over a barrel as you can't shoot in your club without being a member but competitions and medals are where it's at for these types of organizations but as a steadfastly recreational member it was pretty much a donation!

    Before I left and lost access to the website, I thought I'd cruise the file section of the site and check out the minutes of meetings etc.. Now the SCA has had it's fair share of politics in the past, committees folding, the usual petty nonsense that again drives me away from governing bodies, give me a benevolent dictatorship any day (right MK??)

    In cruising the files section I see that the touring committee had kicked off again after a mysterious dissolution a year or 2 ago... hmm some interesting stuff in there...

    Anyways, cutting my usually long story short, the touring committee has kicked off again and after a bit of asking/prompting via email there is a bunch of organized trips up on the SCA site which are open to both members and non-members for a nominal fee (5)

    I have listed them below for interest. I have no skin in this game, I don't get anything out of this other than the SCA perhaps being a little more focused on the recreational paddler so I want to support these to try an make sure they succeed and continue. As a direct result of these trips I have signed up again for membership for another year.

    So check out this page if you are interested. As mentioned, they are open to members and non-members and led by an experienced leader or coach. Although some of these you can of course do yourself, some may be a good safe introduction to big open water paddling and if your skills are up to it but your confidence isn't, to some river paddling. There is also a tidal loch camping trip which can maybe give you your first experience of that. Anyways, apologies to the mod team if this is not appropriate, I thought it was. The events are listed here, filter by discipline 'touring' There are also some useful courses, Sea Kk and touring kk trips. Note that these can change so the definitive listing is as per the link above but this is the kind of thing they are planning. If you are worried about your skill level or suitability then reach out to the SCA team and ask, they will be happy to discuss it with you as I'm sure the tour leader will be worried about it too

    Date: 11-06-2016
    Location: Loch Lomond
    Open Canoe Grade B
    The Tour Leader is Willie McLeod

    Date: 19-06-2016
    Location: River Teith
    Open Canoe Grade B
    Solo paddlers should have some river paddling experience. Tandem crews do not have to have the same level of experience.
    The Tour Leader is Sandy Johnston.

    Date: 30-07-2016
    Location: Paddle & Bushcraft - Union Canal
    The Tour Leader is Stephen Coyle.

    Date: 04-09-2016
    Location: Paddle & Bushcraft - Loch Lomond
    Open Canoe Grade A.
    The Tour Leader is ​John Donnelly.

    Go Canoeing Tour - Beginners trip on the Tay
    Date: 26-09-2016
    Location: Aberfeldy
    Open Canoe Grade B.
    The Tour Leader is Willie McLeod.

    Go Canoeing Tour - In Awe of Loch Awe
    Date From: 22-10-2016
    Date To: 23-10-2016
    Location: Loch Awe
    Open Canoe Grade B
    ​Tour Leader for this trip is Bob Tayler. Well put on to Loch Tulla then paddle down the Orchy (portage or line the harder sections on the middle) then on to Loch Awe and camp on one of the islands. The following day head down the Awe to hit the Ebb tide on the Falls of Laura (its not huge) before paddling to Oban. This is a hard (but rewarding!) trip needing people with good white water skills or prepared to portage large distances.

    I know a few of the coaches/leaders on these and they are all sound guys. I think I'll be signing up for a few even if just to force me to get myself out more this year. And that Loch Awe one looks good as it's not something I could do solo. Plenty of reading to do but please if you are interested, sign up, I'd love to see these over subscribed and for them to have to put more on


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    Brilliant. Your SCA is cheaper than Canoe England, or whatever they call themselves this month, I think. Fortunately Cumbria has a good recreational side through Cumbria canoeists I'm not sure the same can be said for all areas...

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