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Thread: River Stour-(Kent) Put ins and Parking- Part 1

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    Default River Stour-(Kent) Put ins and Parking- Part 1

    Part 1. Over the years , I've hiked ,biked ,paddled and motor boated the River Stour and its' valley from the source to the sea. From the source to Wye ,it is a ditch crawl with many obstacles in the river bed,wires and meshes across bridges etc as well as ''private'' ownership. From Wye to Chartham ,again all ''private'' water ,with some pleasant pools ,but fences ,strainers ,meshes covering bridge apertures etc.

    From Chartham to Canterbury ,the river has been paddled ,but again ''private '' water ,with notices to that effect on the bridges from Chartham to Tonford.(I spoke to one waterbailiff some time ago and asked if he had a problem with canoeists-he said no ,his problem was poachers -generally seasonal agricultural workers from countries with a more liberal attitude towards river fishing and wild fowling - but maybe his relaxed attitude is not typical ). So ,I would NOT recommend launching until the Wincheap/Hambrook Marsh foot bridge (wich is stretching it a bit as even 20 years ago there was a chain across the river at the old railway embankment about 200m below the Wincheap footbridge).

    Chartham parking at village hall ,and put in about 20m along footpath next to car park. There is a sloping weir with protruding reinforcing rocks and metal which could rip the bottom out of your boat ,metal and wood stakes retaining the bank along the footpath ,and a further weir (straight wall across the river a hundred metres or so further down . No meshes or wire strainers were observed under the bridges ,but some metal debris in the river bed at places.

    Chartham Parking

    Put in a few feet further back !(towards the weir)

    Sloping weir with protrusions on the face , another weir further on (and wood and metal stakes in the water retaining the footpath!

    Tonford Bridge -a get in where the swans are ,but parking a problem-neighbours here clash over on street parking! Note the no bating/canoeing sign!

    Wnicheap footbridge - park n ride 150 metres away (The old railway bridge supports(bridge removed) used to be the accepted ''legal ''navigation limit !

    Put in on east bank of Wincheap foot bridge ,otherwise good platform under M2 roadbridge on west bank -100metres up

    Toddlers Cove footbridge -50m from carpark .Good platfom on East of bridge for launch

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