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Thread: HI, new to this,.... info required

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    Default HI, new to this,.... info required

    I'm not an open boater yet but have arranged a skills day then up to Scotland for some practice and wild camping the venue will be Loch Quoich to Loch Garry.
    Now here's the Question does the river between the Lochs flow all year round or is it Dam release.
    Also just like to say what a top site I've learned more in the half hour surfing the site than the last year pondering whether opens were for me
    Mad River Legend may follow shortly plus it's linked me to some great gear sites, especially the one where you get the Tatonka Tarps.
    I'll let you know how I get on with opens and Jocks.

    Many Thanks To All Members.

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    Welcome. Glad the site is proving useful to you.

    Unfortunately I cannot answer your specific question about Loch Quoich to Loch Garry but I am sure someone will have the answer.

    I can assure you though that you will find us Jocks a friendly bunch when you get here. If you let us know when you are coming some of us might join you for a day or two for a paddle if you are feeling sociable.

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    Ah, yes, that 'river'!

    Well, the top section was dry ish when I was last there, and even if running looked very hard for an open, esp. a touring one with camping kit. it would be a longish portage, best achieved with car or trolley on the road.
    Further down there are runable rapids, but I reckon a grade harder than guide book, esp in high water. (?, it wasn't too high when we were there). There was a section under a bridge that had meaty water and a must make line that I felt was above the suggested Gd2.

    Generally a great area though, and even if the don't paddle all the rapids it will still be a trip to remember.
    If it wasn't for the rain in our lives there would be no rivers. X 2

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    Default Loch Quoich to Loch Garry

    Stunning scenery in this area.

    The river after Loch Quoich was really low on Saturday 18th March. This is one big Loch we opted for a hill walk that Saturday as the wind was howling up the Loch. Look in OFF TOPIC PLAN B where Alan has posted some photos.We are planning a return trip some time this year.

    There is a bunkhouse at Tomdoun very very basic £10 a night. The bar prices are somewhat expensive but loads of Malt Whiskies to choose from if that is your poison.

    Loads of places to camp though.

    Loch Garry and Loch Pollard are very tempting.

    If you keep on driving on the A87 past the Tomdoun turn off there is a view point looking down over Loch Garry. Go see the view for yourself .

    Yours MM.

    ''One is always wiser after the event''

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