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Thread: River Lune Halton Hydro access

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    Default River Lune Halton Hydro access

    After seeing a post here about the hydro electric turbines at Forge Weir I have contacted Lune Hydro and got this reply:

    We consider canoeing risks to be increased just above the crest of the weir and just in front of the hydro entrance.
    For this reason there is a sign at the entrance recommending diversion to the banking.

    Should one enter the hydro inlet under the walkway, then 10mm spaced fish screens prevent fish (and canoeists) from being taken into the turbines.
    The water flows past these screens to the fish pass, which has a similar flow to that of the South side, and there are yellow rung steps at this down stream end to assist exit.

    I am going to go down and have a look, take some photos of the access on the banks. I will post them as soon as I have been down
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    Is there maybe just the tiniest hint of a sense of humour lurking in that reply from Lune Hydro? Quite impressive that you should get such a prompt reply. I'll look forward to seeing the pics Jimmy.

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