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Thread: R. Sense / Ashby Canal Sat 20th Feb

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    Default R. Sense / Ashby Canal Sat 20th Feb

    Alas not being able to commit to a full weekend Norf (Cumbria) or Sowf (Fleet), I find myself sufficiently enticed by the town/village names of Newton Burgoland, Sheepy Magna and Barton in the Beans to head to Shackerstone tomorrow (Sat 20th) to see of there is enough water on the R. Sense thereby to go exploring, or if not, heading up the Ashby Canal to Snarestone (possible pub lunch :-) ) and through the tunnel (!) to get to the 'start' of the canal - which seems to be 100meters or so further away than last visit in 2012.

    There is a pronounced precipitation probability pm so aiming to be at Shakerstone 9:30am (ish).

    Late notice, but anyone/everyone welcome.
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    The Google map that you've linked to appears to show a route from someone's house.
    I'm not entirely sure that you really wanted to do that.

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