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Thread: Access on the Wensum

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    I've not boated in Norfolk before and was thinking about paddling the Wensum on the bank holiday after xmas. I have family living near Fakenham so it would be ideal, but having read the access blog on SotP i'm not sure if i will be walking into a load of hassle? Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.


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    Suggest you pm Blott he's the man with the knowledge of the Broads area

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    Despite there being evidence for historic navigation on the Wensum there are many interests on the river who strongly believe there is no public right of navigation above the tidal limit in Norwich. There are threads concerning the river on both this forum and UK Rivers Guidebook, so I would suggest looking into these. There has been a history of some aggression towards paddlers on the river.

    If you could email me at I can get you in touch with our waterways advisers for the area, who may be able to update you on the current situation further.

    If anyone does experience any issues on this (or any other) river, please contact us to let us know. We do track such instances, and try to work with partners in the areas concerned to try and find ways forward so that everyone can enjoy their day on the river.


    Chris Page, W&E Manager - Central region,

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