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Thread: Is It possible to travel 3 months alone being out of civilization?

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    Default Is It possible to travel 3 months alone being out of civilization?

    The winter time is the right time to go through the photos and videos, that were done during last trip..
    My last visit was devoted to My blogg of travaelling to Kola Pininsular Nothern Russia in 2009...
    Today I want give some link of a unique person, Sergey Ermakov (Сергей Ермаков) who spends the whole summer in Russian Far East
    Republic Soha Yakutia...
    It's a pitty, All his videos are in Russian but his behavior, being along so far away... It took Him almost a week to fly from Moscow to this area,
    to use different hired transport to get there...
    His videos consist of a several parts:
    Part 1 Down Aldan River

    Part 2 Kolyma High Way

    Part 3 Going up Agayakan River

    Part 4 Climbing up Berilla glacier

    Part 5 from Agayakan river to Delcue river

    Part 6 To Vaskovskiy Mountin

    Part 7 From Delcue river to Ohotsk city
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    In part 6, at the end of the video Sergey says: I did not expect, that the bifurcation place of two close located different rivers - one of them got dry, so
    I have desided to go back, to Ohotsk city... It is not so far away... only about 400 km

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    Thanks for this post, The expanse of open country is staggering, it is hard to imagine the size of Russia compared to the UK. I have only watched the first video as yet but it was well worth watching.

    As I also use inflatables it is good to see one standing up to a tough 3 month trip like this.
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