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Thread: Motorised Canoe - Where is it legal?

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    Default Motorised Canoe - Where is it legal?


    I'm just about to build a selway fisher motorised canoe. But before I do I thought it might be an idea to find out what restrictions are placed on them for inland use.

    Does anyone know?



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    Most places where you can use a canoe, you can also use a motorised one.
    Some lakes restrict motorised craft, but electric motors are OK.
    You need to check local bylaws.
    One point worth noting - most canoe associations provide insurance with membership, but this does not cover motorised canoes.


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    In England and Wales on legally constituted navigations (canals and rivers) there would be no restrictions that I am aware of but the licence fee for a powered craft is high.
    For the Canal and Rivers Trust waters it's based on boat length and the cheapest (under 18 feet) is over 400 for 12 months. That only covers their own waters, the Environment Agency has a licence of their own and some rivers have their own authorities and licence arrangements. I believe there is some reciprocation in licencing where the rivers or canals of different authorities join.

    There may be some sort of concession for an electrically powered one but I haven't seen any reference to that.

    For unpowered craft the licence is about 50 for the Canals and Rivers Trust or join the BCU and a licence comes too which covers a larger collection of rivers.

    On other rivers I have no idea about but lakes, reservoirs etc. will all have varying conditions depending on ownership.

    In Scotland a powered craft is not permitted by the Land Reform Acts access arrangements though I am a bit unsure who has control of powered craft use.

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