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Thread: Advice needed on Gumotex Twist N 2

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    Default Advice needed on Gumotex Twist N 2

    My wife and I recently bought a Gumotex Twist N 11 for 380. On our second outing it punctured while on the beach when a light gust flipped it over on to a piece of stick.

    We bought the Gumotex Twist because it is made of a strong rubberised reinforced composite material.

    However the puncture sides have no signs of the re-inforced material and it is either missing or is very weak.

    The initial response, to photographs of the stick and puncture, by Gumotex was 'this can happen with every inflatable boat'.
    I don't think this is at all true.

    The retailer 'Bluewatersports' of Paignton in Devon have kindly offered to send it back to Gumotex for a proper assessment.
    However Gumotex previous statement does not inspire confidence in a fair assessment.

    Has anyone else got a Gumotex Twist or any other Gumotex Kayak Nitrilon Light.

    Naturally my wife is very nervous going out again in this kayak as it punctured so easily.

    We would be grateful of any advice
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    It does seem strange that it should puncture just with its own weight falling on a piece of wood. I haven't used any of Gumotex's newer lightweight boats, but in the past I've owned 2 singles made of their traditional Nitrilon. They always impressed me as very tough. I tried to avoid anything obviously sharp, such as barbed wire or broken glass. But I've scraped my boats over rocks and gravel, or up against trees, without so much as leaving a mark on the surface. Obviously, one would expect the lighter weight material to be less tough than the heavy ones. At the same time, given Gumotex's long-standing reputation as a producer of good-quality inflatables, I would expect any of their boats to be fit for purpose, and from the description of your accident, it sounds like your boat isn't.

    I think in your place I would accept the offer of having the boat sent back for assessment (first taking lots of photos of the damage). It sounds as though the dealer will send it back without charging you, and Gumotex may find a flaw in the manufacture. I'm sure they value their good name, and it's not in their interests to have dissatisfied customers. Given that this incident will have sapped your confidence in the lightweight boats, it might be worth finding out if you can return this one for a credit against the price of one of the Nitrilon models. (Assuming the extra weight isn't a complete deal-breaker for you.)

    I found a few reviews of Twist kayaks on the website:
    (Gumotex gets marketed as Innova in America.) A couple of people raised doubts about the durability, but no one reported an actual failure.

    Good luck,

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    Have used the older version of Twist 2 extensively on Loch Lomond and in the sea with some fairly boisterous children. So far no problems. Sounds Like you have just been unlucky with a defective boat.
    Good luck with your replacement.

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    I have two gumotex inflatables, a Palava and a Helios. Dragged them over rocks, vegetation without a problem. send it back for reassessment. Sounds likeep faulty to me.

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    Unfortunately this is the newer light version. The fabric is a lot thinner than on our Gumotex Solar and Bluewatersports have said it is has a lot less layers.

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    Sorry if I have accidentally posted this twice but newbie.

    Thanks Mary for your thoughts and the link.

    We have also got a Gumotex Solar 410C with the Nitrilon fabric which we have had three or more years.
    We have never had a problem. We have been stuck on submerged rocks and taken over 40 novices out in it without any problems.

    However the Gumotex Solar is too heavy to take abroad on a plane and so we bought the Gumotex Twist L 2 because it is made with Nitrilon Light fabric hence is a lot lighter.

    The fabric is thinner than the ordinary Nitrilon and the retailer has just told us that it has less re-inforcing layers.

    Is Hevealon and Nitrilon Light the same fabric?
    The retailer starts there advertisement by describing the fabric as Nitrilon L and later describes it as Hevealon.
    see their link :-

    We have tried asking to upgrade this Kayak to a more robust version which would match Gumotex's reputation but we have been refused.

    I really didn't think that Bluewatersports or Gumotex would have refused covering this under the sale of goods act or their 2 year warranty especially as photos of the damage clearly shows no re-inforcing fabric and also the stick that did the damage.
    We had only had the Kayak a few weeks.

    Thanks you your help.

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    Bad luck on puncturing your boat. Interestingly I'd previously Google translated a German review of the LN Twist and nearly the same thing had happened to them - punctured by a submerged stick.

    As you can see from this page, Light Nitrilon and Hevealon aren't exactly the same but they are similar and they have the same tensile strength - Hevealon seems to be Light Nitrilon without the external synthetic rubber coating. The re-inforcing fabric that they talk about is, I think, number 1 in the pictures on the page that I linked to. So I'm pretty sure it would be there in the fabric of your boat (not sure you could actually make the fabric without it) just maybe not in any significant thickness.

    Gumotex used to do two thicknesses of nitrilon 10 or 15 years ago but discontinued the thinner one in favour of the current 'full' nitrilon which as you know is incredibly robust and would definitely not fail in the manner that the Light Nitrilon of your boat did. For a Gumotex fan like me it's really disappointing to hear about this. The Twist is obviously built down to a price to compete with the entry level Sevylors and Zpros but Gumotex is at a natural disadvantage compared to those manufacturers in that their boats are all hand made rather than mass-produced in China. It's a shame to think they might be cutting corners with the material to improve their bottom line.

    By the way, if you bought it after 1 October it's the Consumer Rights Act, not the Sale of Goods Act that applies. Either way though, it's seems pretty clear that you don't have any right to remedy if you cause the damage yourself, unless you can prove that their claims for the durability of the materials used are false. Have a look at the Business Companion website for more guidance. As for their warranty, I'm pretty sure that it only covers failures (except for those caused by overinflation) rather than accidental damage. You might just have to stick a repair patch on it and accept that it's a bit more fragile than your 410C

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    Default Thanks Inflator for the Information

    I compromised with the supplier Bluewatersports who have always been a good company to deal with.

    Although we already got a Solar 410c we offered the extra money for them to take back the Twist L 2 and replace it with the Solar 410c.

    I would never have got my wife back in the Twist N 2.

    The fabric Nitrilon Light is 30% less weight but 70% LESS strength.
    I think Gumotex is in danger of damaging their excellent reputation using this fabric.
    I also think their customer service department needs improving.

    Thanks again everyone for your advice and support.

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