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    Default Hi Everyone

    Have to confess to not owning an open canoe. Some years ago I was looking for an Open Canoe but no matter how I tried I just didn't have the space at home, so I eventualy decided on a double folding kayak and sail rig for taking me and sometimes my kids on camping trips.
    Find your website very imformative so I hope you don't mind me joining


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    You are of course welcome to the site as long as you promise to get a proper canoe as soon as you have space

    I am sure there is enough overlap in skills that you will have much to contribute tot eh site.

    Welcome again.

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    Default Hi Zollen

    Just thought I would say hello and welcome. I have the same problems regarding space and researched into inflateable and folding canoes and thought the Sevylor Ranger (the one with the cover) to be excellent value for money and also solves the space problem. There are also some very capable folders to be had but substantially more expensive. But after saying all that I decided to go for a hard shell and fit it in to the space I had available as best I could,due to the fact my better half said she would not feel safe in anything other than a hard shell boat so look round and choose well as open boats are the way to go. Mike B....

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