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    Hi, after hiring or borrowing canoes and kayaks from friends I've decided to take the plunge and buy one.

    I'm looking for an inflatable open kayak / canoe. I'll probably mostly be using it by myself but want to take my 10 year old on occasions too. My biggest concern is the comfort of the seat, I want to make sure my back is well supported as I'm 19 stone and nearly 50.

    I only plan to take the boat on nearby flat-ish water on the severn, wye, gloucester-sharpness canal and the like. I've recently tried a zpro tango ta300 and it seemed fine. I was thinking of getting the zpro flash but was concerned with the comments of pennine marine "We would however note that the Flash Fl200 is really only suitable for two persons at an time it is too wide, long and buoyant to be easily used by one person"

    I have a budget of around 400 and wondered what you recommend.

    Happy paddling! Simon

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    Welcome to the forum. We have a few members who will be able to answer your queries. I just thought I'd say hello while we wait for some of them to come along and help.

    I will say however that you wont regret getting one as the time spent with your son on the water will be some of his fondest memories in years to come.

    Happy paddling.
    Big Al.

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    Hello and Welcome!

    I think the only way to be sure is to try them. Generally seating in inflatables seems to lack support, but if you were happy with the Zpro you may be fine. Myself, as a kneeler by preference, which seems to put less strain on my back, I'd consider something like a Gumotex Palava with "kneeling seats", not sure if you'll find one at the price, but maybe second hand.
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    Have a look at the new Gumotex Twist 2 with new improved seats.
    Can be got direct from Czech Republic or Bluewatersports.

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