In a months time, on the 15th June, the nation (and the world) will be celebrating the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and its role in preserving many of the rights and freedoms we have come to take for granted. Clause 33, according to the British Library the most referenced of all it's clauses,acknowledged and protected the public right of navigation on all rivers physically capable of navigation.

To celebrate Clause33 why not make your next paddle a “Celebration Paddle” and involve your local press, radio or TV station by sending them this Press Release together with some details of your Celebration Paddle, like

  • When it took place
  • Where it took place
  • Who was involved
  • (the Press Release will take care of Why and What a celebration paddle is.)

If you are able to take some photos including the group, the river section you are celebrating etc., this will increase the attraction to local press and if some members of the group are sporting “Remember Clause 33” tee-shirts or hoodies it will help link to the national campaign.

Please blog your Celebration Paddles and any press coverage here and we will try to use it to get national or regional coverage.

Remember the objective is to celebrate the public rights of navigation that have existed from time immemorial, not to protest for the creation of new rights. Limit your group size to suit available parking etc and minimise publicity until after the event – we are not trying to attract negative attention from those that would seek to obstruct public navigation rights. If, however, you encounter any obstructions to navigation (physical or personal) photograph them and include them in your press pack/blog.

Enjoy your celebration paddles!