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Thread: River Mole (Surrey) clean up paddle 2015

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    Default River Mole (Surrey) clean up paddle 2015

    Following the devastating floods of the winter 2013/2014 a group of local paddlers got together and started a clean up paddle on the River Mole in Surrey

    The local press covered the event http://www.dorkingandleatherheadadve...ail/story.html but this is a fraction of the rubbish in the river. Another clean up paddle was held on Easter Monday 2015 and in 4 hours we only managed to cover approx. 1.5 to 2 miles. As a small group we want to finish the job so that all paddlers and indeed the local community can enjoy this beautiful river.

    We are organising another clean up paddle on Saturday 6th June 2015 and welcome as much help as possible. Open canoes are especially welcome as they can not only carry rubbish but paddlers can stand up easily to remove rubbish that is attached to trees. Kayakers are also welcome.

    We will be launching from the Garden Centre on Reigate Road and making our way down to the Stepping Stones. If there is enough time and helpers we would like to get all the way down to Leatherhead.

    For more information my email is

    Noel Humphrey
    RWA South East Region
    LWA River Mole
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