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    Hello, how are you? Well, I hope... I'm the Editor of Paddles canoe and kayak magazine. The magazine is really lacking canoe articles - and I'm hoping you can put that right! I'm especially interested in trip reports from exotic locations, OK so exotic might be pushing it a little, but you know what I mean - I'd be looking for well written articles, punctuation and good grammar throughout please - and lots of good quality pictures... Can you help? If so I'd be grateful if you could e-mail me on parkinrichard"at"

    See you on the water...

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    Hi Rich

    I certainly hope there will be a good response from members. I am sure we are all keen to see more canoe based articles. Now we have your request it makes it harder for us to complain about any perceived lack of articles.

    Also I have edited your email address to make it spam safe. If I had left it as it was you would start receiving loads of spam as this forum is pretty search engine friendly and as such any email addresses displayed in their native format are likely to be harvested by spam spiders.

    I also hope you will have time to participate in the threads on the forum and if it sparks any specific ideas for articles I am sure most of the members would be happy to create an article based on the idea from their thread or post.

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    Default Anyone?


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    Roughly how long should articles be?


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    Quote Originally Posted by paddles magazine editor
    I'd be looking for well written articles, punctuation and good grammar throughout please
    Well, thats me out then .

    It'll be right, trust me, I'm a Yorkshireman.

    ::>>> I'd rather be lucky, than good.

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