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Thread: Letters to Welsh Assembly, Government and Party Leaders

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    Default Letters to Welsh Assembly, Government and Party Leaders

    I was impressed by the new Waters of Wales initiative and their open letter to the Welsh Assembly, so asked what I could do to help . I was advised to write to their ministers so have written to Carl Sargeant (Natural Resources) and Ken Skates (Culture, Sport and Tourism), supporting the case for PRNs and open access.

    I was also impressed by the new evidence from RAFA! and feel that we just need more people to take notice. So, having got into letter writing mode I thought it might also be a good time to write to a few folks about England river access. It is just possible that politicians may be more inclined to listen whilst in pre-election mode. I have therefore written to Liz Truss (SoS for Defra) suggesting that England should follow the example of Scotland where Land Reform Legislation was passed in 2003. I have also written to leaders from some other parties (Miliband, Clegg, Farage and Bennett) requesting that they put something helpful in their manifesto.

    I realise that many of you will have written letters in the past and may not want to again, but I think that all efforts to raise awareness in a positive way should be helpful, so please consider it.
    As I said in my letter 'In a country where we encourage sport and healthy recreational activities, and in a year when we are celebrating Magna Carta, it must be the moment to resolve this problem.'

    I'll be keeping WoW and RAFA informed of any replies I might receive. If you join me, best of luck!


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    Thanks for your efforts Peter. We are in a new phase of the campaign - the evidence is quite clear and indisputable. But politicians give priority to things that get votes and they cynically calculate that there aren't any on this issue. On the other hand they will not want to be seen as impervious to evidence and, at a time when the rest of the world is celebrating the role of Magna Carta in protecting the rule of law and personal freedoms, out of step with the public mood. Anything that can bring the evidence to the attention of Ministers, MPs, prospective candidates and the press, in a positive light is valuable and worthwhile.

    Thanks again for your efforts.

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    Land Reform for Wales is on the radar. Now we need to turn awareness to action. If you are represented by a Plaid Cymru Assembly Member (AM), constituency or regional, remind them when you write that Land Reform proposals, including `legislation for Wales, to enshrine public rights with responsibilities, to access land and water for sustainable recreation' came joint second of the `Million Ideas` and together won more votes than the top proposal. :-)

    Leanne Wood, Leader of Plaid Cymru, wrote on 30 May 2015: "Plaid Cymru's Million Ideas crowd sourcing platform attracted over 200 proposals in English and Welsh, on which anyone could vote. If political parties are smart, they will all use crowd sourcing platforms to develop relationships with voters and write their manifestos with people, not just for them.

    The top proposal by a long way was to “provide all students with a thorough education on politics” which was supported by 240 people. The proposer wrote “Is it only the people who are educated on politics who vote? No, which means there are thousands upon thousands of people not understanding what their government is about, how it is run, and what different policies mean.”

    The next four top proposals were:

    Land Reform legislation for Wales, to enshrine public rights with responsibilities, to access land and water for sustainable recreation. 140 votes

    Create a national ‘Land Bank’ to promote the sustainable resettlement of the countryside and the rebuilding of the rural economy 140 votes

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