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Thread: The Birch Creek 15ft

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    Default The Birch Creek 15ft

    BIRCH CREEK 15ft
    Designed & built by Alan Bridges

    BEAM 31 inches
    DEPTH AT CENTRE 14 inches
    BOW HEIGHT 20 inches
    ROCKER 2 inches

    Hand-built Glass Fibre
    Speretex Hull
    Fitted out in Hardwood
    Stainless Fixings

    PERFORMANCE - Unbeatable
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    Default Birch Creek canoes

    I haven't tried this model, but I paddled several canoes made by Alan Bridges when he first started making them and boy, was I impressed. If I hadn't already spend 800 on a Dagger Reflection 15, I would definitely have bought one!

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    Default Birchreek is back :-)

    Hi All,

    Not that I'm new to paddling or Song of the Paddle, but I am new in the sense of finally joining the website .

    You may also notice that my name is registered as Birchcreek, which some of you will recognise and think that I'm taking liberties... Well there is a reason for this......

    Birchcreek Canoes is back up and running

    The infamous Birchcreek Canoe, designed and hand build by the equally infamous Alan Bridges is taking a new breath of life.

    Many of you will know that Alan stopped building his canoes a couple of years back due to ill health. Things are now more settled and you'll be pleased to hear that Alan is well, and enjoying his retirement, continuing to paddle and surf whenever the weather allow.

    To explain further, my name is Kevin Griffiths, and I am Alan's son-in-law. When Alan stopped building his canoes, it seemed such a shame that a generation of beautiful craft and skills were being lost, and I always had a hope that one day it may be resurrected.

    Well that day has finally come, and Alan and I are currently in the process of building the first boats from his original moulds, and as such Alan is generously passing on his skill and knowledge and closely guarded secrets in the "black art" and alchemy of canoe building the Birchcreek way.

    My hope is to continue to build and provide beautiful hand-crafted canoes under the Birchcreek banner and, Alan's watchful eye offcourse, for a number of years to come.

    So please spread the word, and watchout for the new web-page which will be online shortly. I'll provide a link in due course. In the meantime, if you want to know more - please call 07807 529046.

    Thanks and happy paddling.

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    I have seen some pics of someone who has one of your first new canoes. How much do these cost? A ball park figure would be fine as I am just interested to see if its in my reach.


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    Is it still possible to get Alan Bridges canoes either second hand or new? My husband bought a second hand one in the late 1990's but it was stolen about two years ago, much to our distress as it was a joy to paddle. Our son even did his BCU 4* open canoe in it on the Dart. Last year I gave my husband a Mad River Royalex canoe but it scratches and dents very easily and is no where near as good to paddle. Can anyone help?

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    Hi Susannah,
    You may find one second hand - but they seem to be quite rare...
    I would be be more than happy to make a new one for you, albeit this would not be possible for some time due to full time job, a new baby daughter, a house to finish and a need to move the workshop into the garden before I can resurrect the canoe building!!! Hence the reason why I've not been advertising. Sorry - but happy to chat further if you wish?
    Kind Regards,

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    Good to hear that you have plans to build canoes, shame it's not going to be sooner rather than later.
    It will be very interesting to find out what you will be making. Considering the Birch Creek reputation, I'm sure many people will be waiting to see what you can offer.

    Any chance of finding out what you have in mind ?
    Nin Wanakiwidee Tchiman

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    well that is good news, I will follow the Birch creek story with interest,

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