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Thread: The Birch Creek 16ft

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    Happy Days

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    The early posters on this thread have a lot to answer for......

    Their positive comments, left some years ago, have led to me blowing my budget (and more, bloody ebay!) on a nice condition, one-owner, ivory 16fter with green interior. As mentioned in previous posts, the build quality and materials used are excellent and have worn well (all the better for a light sanding and a fresh oiling). However, the wrong tides, wind, work and family commitments, the cricket season and a iffy back have delayed my first paddle....until today!

    I intended a quick play on the Stour to try and discover/explore (1) secondry stability and (2) my skill levels, the 'quick play' became a four hour paddle! After which I can report that the first of these is present and correct, the second is going to need some practice. Mind you, I suspect learning with the Birch Creek will be a pleasure.

    As far as my skill levels allow me to report, its fast, tracks well and looks the absolute dogs whotsits (two 'canoe envy' comments in one quiet trip!).

    Alan Bridges knew what he was doing - I'm well pleased.

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    Yup Buelligan, you're right there. Very nice canoe (we've got one). Saw that on ebay, looks just the same as ours.

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    See my thread here on renovating a Birch Creek vintage boat!
    Know less, carry more - you're in a canoe !

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    Beautiful job!
    Let us so live, that when we come to die even the undertaker will be sorry! Mark Twain

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